The Kiosk Intern

She works in a kiosk in one of the three hundred Metro stations in the best city of the world. She is an intern BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE OTHER CONTRACT AT THE MOMENT. She doesn’t speak the language of the best city of the world and once a costumer asked her HOW CAN YOU WORK HERE IF YOU DON’T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE? Another costumer recommended her TO TAKE LANGUAGE CLASSES BECAUSE THE NEW HUSBAND OF THE MAYOR OF THE BEST CITY OF THE WORLD DIDN’T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, BUT AFTER THREE MONTHS OF LESSONS HE DID SPEAK THE LANGUAGE PERFECTLY. Some other costumer suggested her TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY IF SHE DOES NOT LEARN THE LANGUAGE IN THREE MONTHS TIME FROM THE MOMENT HE SAID SO. Today a costumer is looking for a snack containing both peanuts and chocolate. She shows the costumer the options. We have this or this one. There is also this one with caramel. Or perhaps this one with mint flavour. That one has peanut, but this one has sea salt peanut. There is this one with white chocolate instead. And this one with almond and peanut butter. A bit healthier, this one is peanut with yoghurt. There is also this option, or this one. Or this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one. After she gave the costumer a tour around the kiosk, she took off the ugly green apron she has to wear as part of her uniform, through it to the floor and burn it with sadistic eyes. Then she left the kiosk as a symbolic act of resignation from her internship.


To Alex

In some weird language of dreamy darkness the letters of your name form the word sex. Sex at 06:53. Sex in the public toilet of a mall. Sex in the car of your friend, in your sister’s bed or under the attentive gaze of your colleague’s cat. I have never enjoyed so much not having a permanent house. Our homelessness was sweet detachment. There was no time or location to meet. As our desire to fuck will pressure, you will give me your location. Time would be a matter of me quickly delaying whatever I was doing, and my distance from your location. Over and over again, I would leave my lights on, the office or the coffee to meet you up early afternoon and midnight. It was lascivious while also comfortable not to have to decide anything. I felt at peace depending on your space and my time to collide in a point that disappeared as fast as it was drawn.


It starts like a film. Zoom out: the camera follows me from the back while I cycle in an unknown city. It is sunny. The sound track: Coo Coo Coo by Santigold. Happy moment. Feeling hyped. Biking straight. A car unexpectedly crosses and runs over me. I feel myself flying, then quickly hitting the ground. Blood. Cut. Music still on. Zoom out from the blood. The back of my head. My hair slowly floating in my own blood. Air picture of the situation. Broken bike. People coming to help. Me dead.

The 14 hrs 20 mins and 3 secs SMS

My WhatsApp message has not been sent. I wrote a WhatsApp message to my friend Ana and it has not been sent. The message it has not been erased, it has just not been sent. The message is still there in the chat conversation but I thought I have sent this message. Ana is in the chat conversation and she sees me typing… She thinks I am writing a message, but she doesn’t know it has not been sent. I still don’t know my message has not been sent. I am on my way home and I have no internet in the subway. I am listening to a podcast about how to monitor crowd emotions and there is a message in my WhatsApp that has not been sent. I got out of the train and there is a message that has not been sent to Ana. I feel weird, as if I was doing something I am not really doing. I get home and my roommate has friends over. I join them for dinner and I still didn’t notice it might look like I am typing… a message in WhatsApp but in reality it is a message that has not been sent. I go to bed and I forget to charge my phone. A phone with a software, with an App for text messaging in which there is a message that has not been sent to Ana. I wake up and the first thing I do is to connect my phone to the electricity so the battery will be charged, so I can finally find out there is a message in my conversation with Ana that has not been sent. I have a shower and I curiously observe my hands. typing… One hour later my phone beeps. It is Ana. She always takes so long to reply, it makes you feel you are not important. Her message says: …? I open the conversation and I am immediately typing… a message that I already typed. I see there is a message it has not been sent from yesterday in my WhatsApp conversation with Ana. This message makes not sense right now. I have to type an explanation about the message that was unintentionally not sent yesterday. Perhaps, I will send the message that has not been sent, and I will add an explanation, so Ana understand this was all a mistake, pure miscommunication. I am still typing… I need to send a message to Ana because I thought I sent a message to her yesterday, but my message has not been sent. This was yesterday at six or seven in the evening. I cannot even remember when I started typing… this message. Ana is getting impatient, she asks: what are you typing there? I need to quickly explain the whole situation in a short message because she might be worried my message is too long. Or maybe I should write a long message because otherwise she will think I am lying. I mean, I have been typing… since yesterday evening, so she must expect either a long message or a very well written message that at least explains why I have been typing… for so long. A message must be sent to my friend Ana who doesn’t know my message from yesterday has not been sent. typing… online. typing…online. typing…online. last seen today at 09:23.

Mind Rapture

You have something here
What do I have?
Like next to your eye
Oh shit!
Fuck men. Wait!
What’s going on? Take it off
I can’t. Stop moving!
Take it off!
It’s like stuck in between your eyelash… What kind of mascara are you wearing?
I don’t know, I always take the one that is lying on the bathroom sink, maybe it’s yours.

When she catches and removes the thing in the mascara, the eyelash come off with it. The eyelash break away the eyelid skin forming a very thin string, like a brown and black coloured sewing thread. As she continues pulling, her sister’s eye crumbles and dissolves smoothly in the string. She holds the thin cord in her hand. The string is wet and it dries as it touches her skin. Time seems to have stopped. Her sister’s eye now opens like an event horizon, while her body slowly moves far off where she was, as if a force was dragging her from the back. She watches her sister folding into a curve while she holds the string stronger.

I can’t remove that thing from your eye.


They met up in the café they used to have breakfast years ago. They resolved the situation as quick as possible. They drunk their coffees very fast. They just broke up. He paid the bill. She paid the bill. How did this happen? – I don´t feel it anymore. I don’t feel it anymore – How did this happen? They have to painfully walk together to the train station where they can finally separate their paths. On their silent walk she muttered I don’t want to break up. He didn’t hear it. On their silent walk he muttered I don’t want to break up. She didn’t hear it.

To Thom

Do                     you                                 want               to  kiss                         me?
Can                                 I                                                         kiss             you?
Shall                                                                      we                  kiss?
Would                    you                                                                    kiss                  me        now?
I                       want                you                     to                              kiss                     me                     
on my lips
I                                am                       going                  to                   kiss you
I                               am                                                                                kiss you now
                                                                                                                                 Kiss kiss